For a true Sense of Occasion…….

Tell me all about your love story and let me weave strands of your dreams through it and I will handcraft you a ceremony which truly lets you sparkle on your special day.

You have already begun making memories and this celebration of your unity and commitment will be an occasion which people who share it with you will have in their memory as well.

I am an independent celebrant – and this gives me the freedom to work with you outside of the boxes and within your imagination.

That independence goes right across the board – Do you want a wedding in the woods? Is it important to you that you celebrate all the cultures that are coming together and reflect your true selves in your relationship? Do you want to be pirates for the day? However you see your day, your guests and dreams, we will work together to create something so unique and specific, that there will be tears of joy and gasps of admiration for being brave enough to step outside the box! in my book it is the quirkier the better.    



  • A meeting where you tell me your story and all about your dream day and to talk about your visions for the script.
  • A bespoke script for your ceremony with up to two re-writes to ensure it really reflects the unique people you are (and because we can always think of something we should have included, rarely is it something we need to take out).

  • Support with writing your vows if required.

  • Help with choosing music, readings, and any special ceremonial elements.

  • Regular contact by email/phone/WhatsApp or Zoom (your choice completely in how we do this).

  • Liaising with your venue and suppliers.

  • Attend your Wedding Rehearsal so we can all be clear on our choreography and timing on the day.

  • Travel to your venue within a 45 miles/one hour’s travel from Lewes.

  • Presentation of your script and vows and a memory to last a lifetime. 


Elopement and Commitment Ceremonies

Traditionally people might have ‘run off’ to Gretna Green and got married over the anvil at the blacksmiths. Why go all that way, when you obtain a licence locally in front of two witnesses and then we can create a ceremony for you to state your vows?. Your bells and whistles are no less important than any other ceremony and a commitment to each other should not be treated any less so.

Modern day elopement is a non-traditional, intimate, but intended way of showing your commitment – it is a way of just celebrating you and your relationship, it is an entire experience that you share. It does remove some of the stress around who sits next to Auntie Mabel and what will the guests eat – your stress in an elopement is wondering what your experience looks like.  

A commitment ceremony can be where the difference between a wedding and a marriage gets muddled. Having a legal marriage certificate signed in front of a registrar or religious official, isn’t what every couple needs when they think about recognising their relationship. If you are committed to each other and still want the wedding to celebrate on your chosen day and at your chosen venue, that is no different how you plan a ceremony for a couple who have a marriage license.

You can exchange rings at a commitment ceremony – have guests or a party with dancing all night long if you like – this is all about YOU. With your story I can create a script that is the same in every way that I would with a couple who are also looking to obtain their marriage certificate separately. The difference being its unique to you.

The same applies to couples who maybe just want to get the licence and then state their vows in front of a couple of friends at a location which means the world to them as a couple. A micro wedding doesn’t have to be less unique and again it doesn’t have to include a legal binding.

Contact me, without obligation, and you will see why we should be working together.

Wedding Ceremony

The Bouquet package from £725

Full package including personal delivery of ceremony. 

Prior to booking – £150 non-refundable booking fee included in pricing, to save the date exclusively yours

10% discount for Blue Light Card Holders (to be confirmed prior to booking).

Other packages available

I am happy to include rituals and symbolism and explore combining elements of your beliefs within the script we create. We can play games which involve your guests and we can also celebrate the people who might not be able to be part of your day.

A Sense of Occasion

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Love does not stay static – it flames and it can stay in the shadows until you are ready to declare its strength again – it may be on a significant anniversary or because you now have children and want to renew your vows with their involvement.

Naming Ceremonies (500x600)

Naming Ceremonies

Ceremonies to celebrate the new-born or the children in your family can be tailored to capture their personality and the hopes and wishes of the family and people who will be important in their futures.



The way we say goodbye to our loved ones is changing. Planning a funeral can be a daunting task, especially during a time of grief. However, it can also be a meaningful way to celebrate the life of your loved one and create a ceremony that is truly unique to them.

Justin Wetch, Bending the Universe

“Love starts as a feeling, But to continue is a choice; And I find myself choosing you; More and more every day.”