The way we say goodbye to our loved ones is changing.

How we chose to say goodbye is the very last thing we can do for a loved one.

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I know planning a funeral can be a daunting task, especially during a time of grief. However, it can also be a meaningful way to celebrate the life of your loved one and create a ceremony that is truly unique to them.

Celebrant-led funerals offer a more personalised and flexible approach to funeral services, than traditional religious ceremonies. The bespoke service I create reflects the unique beliefs and values of the deceased and your loved ones.

When working alongside you as you begin to say goodbye to your loved one, I will assure you that you can take your time. There is no need to rush into planning a funeral service. Take as much time as you need to grieve and to gather your thoughts. I will be with you every step of the way.

We often face our final moments in the full knowledge that this will happen sooner than we planned. Why not take control of how you want to be remembered? I will support you in planning your own memorial and continue to work with your loved ones when you are gone. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation – it’s healthy.


My Funeral Services include:

Working with Funeral Directors or directly with you, your family and friends to create the Celebration of the life that was lived.

  • Meeting in Person or video call/phone call to plan the service and to talk about the memories that you want to include in the service
  • Support you in choosing music, readings, hymns and tributes and planning the order of Service
  • Liaise closely with you, the Funeral Directors and venues
  • Support friends and families in creating their tributes if required
  • Professionally delivering the service on the day, in your chosen location
  • Being available to talk through your thoughts, try to find the answers to your questions, or the right person who can
  • Providing you with copy of the service



When working with Funeral Directors the fees are set and will be given to you when you receive the bill direct from them.

Bespoke memorials are individually priced to your requirements, whether this is a memorial after a direct cremation, internment of ashes, natural burial or leading a service that you have planned as you face your final moments and want to be part of your own send off.


Contact me, without obligation, and you will see why we should be working together.



Jamie Anderson

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot.”

Wicker Coffin at a Funeral

A Sense of Occasion



You have already begun making memories. Tell me all about your love story and let me weave strands of your dreams through it and I will handcraft you a ceremony which truly lets you sparkle on your special day.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Love does not stay static – it flames and it can stay in the shadows until you are ready to declare its strength again – it may be on a significant anniversary or because you now have children and want to renew your vows with their involvement.

Naming Ceremonies (500x600)

Naming Ceremonies

Ceremonies to celebrate the new-born or the children in your family can be tailored to capture their personality and the hopes and wishes of the family and people who will be important in their futures.

Justin Wetch, Bending the Universe

“Love starts as a feeling, But to continue is a choice; And I find myself choosing you; More and more every day.”