Anti-harassment Policy

You may have seen the recent social media coverage of the harassment that some wedding suppliers have regularly experienced at weddings.  After a lot of thought I’ve decided it’s time to make it clear to my lovely clients that I will not tolerate harassment and inappropriate behaviour whilst I’m trying to do my job

It’s your responsibility to make sure your guests and other suppliers behave appropriately towards me on your wedding day.

If I or anyone accompanying or shadowing me experience any inappropriate, threatening, hostile, or offensive behaviour* from any of your guests or any of your other suppliers on your wedding day, I’ll let you know in person on the day and ask you to make sure that behaviour stops immediately. I’m happy for you to nominate someone in your wedding party to take charge of this on the day (e.g. a member of the wedding party) so it isn’t brought to you directly.

If the behaviour continues after I have raised an issue on the day, I reserve the right to leave the venue for my own or my colleagues protection/safety.

This would be a last resort but I am entitled to work without harassment or other inappropriate behaviour. Sometimes the behaviour is so serious (eg sexual/physical assault) that continuing to work in the presence of that guest/supplier is not possible and simply stopping the behaviour would not be a sufficient response if they remain at the event. If the behaviour is so bad or doesn’t stop after a complaint and I feel obliged to leave the venue, I will not provide any refund for any reduced hours.

I’m asking clients to let their guests and other suppliers know about this anti-harassment policy ahead of the wedding so that people know in advance that you’re taking this matter seriously and harassment of any kind won’t be tolerated.

*Inappropriate/offensive behaviour includes any unwanted physical touching of any kind, verbal harassment includes unwanted personal questions, taking/using my equipment without consent and any behaviour which is inappropriate towards a person in a workplace.

Also see my Privacy Policy and my Equality and Diversity Statement.